Local Impact

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry’s Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs pursues theological engagement that is focused upon three public commitments, these being: The formation of students, the enhancement of resilient religious communities and a deeper awareness of religion within the greater society. In its focus and work, the Center assists faith-based leaders in their community engagement, scholars in the research and practical application of their thought, and students who contribute to the interchange for becoming compelling public leaders capable of presenting the wisdom of religious traditions to the broader community.

Every three to four years, the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs focuses on a specific social issue. In the 2016-2020 cycle, the Center is addressing homelessness & the affordable housing crisis.

As our current work on homelessness draws to its conclusion, the Center team reached out to local faith-based organizations and community stakeholders in the creation of a new online resource on Homelessness, available for use in local communities. That resource will continue to grow and refine and is available to our three publics: students, religious communities, and greater society. Finally, a forthcoming book on the results of our study on Homelessness is anticipated in 2021. We’ll keep you appraised.

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