Thinking and Acting Interfaith


Elise DeGooyer, Co-Director of Faith Action Network (FAN) has over three decades of experience in mission-driven work in human services and advocacy. She is a lifelong resident of Washington State, born and raised in Yakima, completing her undergraduate degree in Spokane at Gonzaga University, and living in Seattle since the 1980s. She did graduate studies at Maryknoll School of Theology and Seattle University where her focus was on liberation theologies and pastoral leadership. At Northwest Harvest she helped shape advocacy initiatives on hunger and poverty issues in collaboration with constituencies statewide. She is the lead for Administration and Finance, while sharing oversight of the organization’s mission with Rev. Paul Benz who is also the Co-Director of FAN.

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John A. Coleman S.J. is an associate pastor at St. Ignatius Church in San Francisco. For many years he was the Casassa Professor of Social Values at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Father Coleman served as a scholar at the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs.


Ms. DeGooyer said in her video “Without shelter people die” while speaking powerfully about how reliant the government has become on faith based organizations. Spend some time researching why the government has become more reliant on faith-based organizations within the last 30 years or so and why you think this may be the case.


Pastor Coleman noted that faith based organizations spend 9.2 billion on social programming and yet congregations can often be jealous of working with or letting other groups help them. Discuss with a learning partner the benefits to groups working together and why groups can be territorial with their social programming?