White Supremacy and Homelessness


Rev. Dr. Edward Donalson, III is Director of the Doctor of Ministry Degree at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry. Dr. Donalson discusses the connection between white supremacy and being homeless.

Born in Philadelphia, PA and cultivated in Seattle, WA as a bi-coastal youth, Dr. Donalson developed a heart for diversity and an ability to navigate all socioeconomic, educational, and ethnic spheres. Traveling nationally as a guest lecturer, workshop clinician, and preacher since 1996, he has a record of accomplishment in ministry excellence with integrity.

Dr. Donalson serves both on the King County Juvenile Justice Steering Committee and the City of Kent Community Police Race Relations Task Force.

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Dr. Laura Stivers, PhD, Dean of the School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of Social Ethics at Dominican University of California, speaks about homelessness and redlining that impacts the African American community. Professor Stivers participated as a scholar on the homelessness project at the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs.

Centering Wisdom


What current social, political, and economic structures most impact housing and homelessness?

Identify three specific ways that race plays a role in the epidemic of homelessness in the United States. Please explain.


In five minutes, draw a brief picture or diagram that illustrates the most important points of this module.

In a group of two or three, explain your illustration to others in not more than 5 minutes each. Discuss any patterns that emerge.